The logic of sharing

One of the major concerns of the Mimran Group on the African continent is the management of water resources.


In Senegal, the agro-industrial complex of the CSS covers over 10,000 hectares in a region where rainfall (usually from August to October) does not exceed 300 mm per year. For growing sugar cane, it was therefore necessary to install an irrigation system. Fresh water taken from the Senegal River, feeds, based on a gravity method, a network of 500 km of canals that distributes water in a balanced and economical way throughout the whole plantation.

The planning for fertilization and soil treatment plant is computerized and systematic analysis is performed by an internal laboratory.


In order to supply water to the surrounding populations, 21,400 liters of drinking water are distributed daily by water trucks to 22 nearby villages. Water troughs have also been installed on the edges of the plantation for livestock. This water supplies over 100,000 heads.

Nearly 4,500 acres, operated by 12,000 farmers producing vegetables, crops and rice are also irrigated free of charge by the CSS water networks. In the department of Dagana where Richard Toll is located, CSS is financing a network of wells to help provide further drinking water to the local population.

«The future cannot be bought, it has to be built»