The Mimran Group is comprised of two distinct divisions, an agro-food industrial division based in Africa and a Service division based in Europe....

The Industrial companies are :
- The Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise (CSS), presided over by Mr. Jean-Claude Mimran, which produces sugar and bio ethanol
- The Grands Moulins de Dakar (GMD) and the Grands Moulins d’Abidjan (GMA) which produce flour and animal feed, presided by Mr. David Mimran.

Aware of its social responsibility, the Mimran Group attaches great importance to the development and prosperity of the people of Africa, where its production facilities have been installed for over fifty years. It makes a significant contribution to the financing of development programs. Over the past ten years it has donated more than 6million Euros for social schemes. These development initiatives cover health, water, education and training, sustainable development and sport.

«The future cannot be bought, it has to be built»