Duty of prevention and health protection

The companies of the Mimran Group, GMD (Grands Moulins de Dakar) and CSS (Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise) in Senegal and GMA (Grands Moulins d’Abidjan) in Côte d’Ivoire have excellent medical services to ensure the health protection of their employees. Under the responsibility of doctors, these structures are able to handle medical emergencies at work and also for the employee’s family at home.

As a result, the Medical Service of the CSS has six doctors, dentists and ten nurses to meet the needs of 6000 employees and their 70,000 dependants. A medical imaging unit and a pharmacy, stocked by the company can cover all common illnesses in the Senegal River region.


In addition to its daily activities (patient care, emergencies and accidents), the Medical Service of the CSS has set up an information and awareness program of health issues faced by local people.

Topics as diverse as family planning, weight monitoring and child nutrition, malaria prevention, hypertension and diabetes, or industrial accident prevention, are the subject of regular briefings within the company.

The laboratory of the Medical Service is responsible for, among other things, screening and surveillance of specific diseases such as sickle cell anemia, a blood disease particularly painful for children, or bilharzias, found in some rivers, which causes anemia and asthenia.

True partners of the State, the Mimran Group companies have played a vital role in improving health coverage and harmonization of the management of health care workers.

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